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Bath Complex

Firewood bath

The firewood bath is a particularly healing, traditional type of SPA-treatment. From Greek language word “bath” translates not only “washing, cleansing”, but also “drive away pain, sadness”. Traditionally, the temperature in the bath reaches 90 degrees. Hot steam opens and cleanses the pores, stimulates the sebaceous glands, blood circulation, that promotes excess of fluid from the body, vigorous removal of toxins and excess of lactic acid – one of the main factors of fatigue.

The firewood bath is located on the bank of the Svicha river. In addition to the steam room, there is a lounge zone, where you can get complete relaxation after treatments and swimming in the river. We will offer you all the necessary accessories, and after the bath you can enjoy a fragrant tea of Carpathian herbs with aromatic honey.

Firewood vat

Bathing in vats – is a traditional type of health recovery with the use of natural mineral waters of the Carpathians. This procedure has deep roots in various peoples – from the ancient Celts to the modern Hungarians. Fresh mountain air, aromas of coniferous trees, Carpathian herbs make a natural SPA-treatment incredibly pleasant and useful!

At the “Beskyd” mineral resort cast iron vat is installed on the bank of the Svicha river, near the bath complex. The water in the vat is gradually heated by firewood to a temperature of 38 degrees. Thus, the maximum therapeutic effect on various human organs and systems is realized. The condition of the nervous system improves: fatigue, depression, nervous disorder disappear. Heated mineral water easily saturates the body with minerals and removes toxins, cleanses the body, the airways and gives lightness, euphoria during bathing.

Alternation of bathing in a vat with immersion in cool water of a bath or the river has essential health-improving effect. The temperature difference strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, saturates the body with oxygen. Regular bathing in the vat reduces the risk of colds.

SPA-treatments in the vat can be taken both individually and in company. After swimming you can relax in the alcove, where you can order food and drinks.

Phytobarrel with a rest room

The steaming procedure in the phytobarrel will help you to relieve chronic fatigue. Even once is enough to feel better. The maximum benefit and pleasure from the procedure is also achieved through the use of special herbal fees.

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we have also arranged a cozy room for relaxation, where guests can enjoy Carpathian herbal tea and honey.

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