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Billiards And Smoking Rooms
  • бильярдная и курительная команты

In the main building of the “Beskyd” resort there is a billiard room, where you can relax and chat with friends during the game. The interior of our billiard room is traditional: with the necessary level of lighting, ventilation, quality flooring and a luxury pool table. We offer guests of the “Beskyd” resort to use a set of billiards and play a few games or spend time playing chess or other board games.

A continuation of the billiard room is a smoking room with a bar and soft sofas. Here you can treat yourself to a collection cigars, hookah, elite alcoholic beverage, aromatic coffee. In the smoking room there is an opportunity to chat with friends or to be alone with a magazine, book, laptop.

We hope that this corner of our resort will give you positive emotions and good mood!

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