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Mineral Water
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  • Минеральный источник в Бескид
  • Минеральный источник

The unconditional advantage of the “Beskyd” resort is the groundwater sources in Myslivka village of Dolyna district in Ivano-Frankivsk region. According to research by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, these waters have unique properties and have a high content of organic matters. In terms of qualitative composition, they are similar to the organic matter of mineral waters of the “Naftusya” type, that provides for their analogous therapeutic effect on the body.

In terms of macrocomposition, water of Myslivka is similar to Skhidnytsia water. In the presence of potassium, manganese, copper, silicon, sodium mineral water of the “Beskyd” resort belongs to the class of weakly mineralized hydrocarbonate calcium-magnesium waters, that are intended for the treatment of urological inflammation, urolithiasis, gastric ulcer, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, coronary heart disease, obesity, numerous diseases of the digestive system. Such waters are used in the resorts of Truskavets, Sataniv, Skhidnytsia and are world-renowned in balneotherapy.

On the territory of the “Beskyd” resort there are two pump rooms of mineral water for drinking, one of which is located directly in the lobby of the main building.

There is also a swimming pool with heated mineral water and original SPA-treatments, based on healing natural waters.

According to long-term observations of doctors, the use and treatment of Transcarpathian natural mineral waters significantly improves the general state of human health, promotes the removal of radionuclides and detoxification of the body, improves skin condition, restores blood composition, rejuvenates and relieves stress.

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