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mineral water beskyd
Mineral Water

The unconditional advantage of the “Beskyd” resort is the groundwater sources in Myslivka village of Dolyna district in Ivano-Frankivsk region. According to research by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, these waters have unique properties and have a high content of organic matters. In terms of qualitative composition, they are similar to the organic matter of mineral waters of the “Naftusya” type, that provides for their analogous therapeutic effect on the body.

спа, бассейн

The unique magic of natural landscapes, unique air purity and healing properties of mineral water are the basis of SPA-programs in the “Beskid” resort. These natural components, combined with the skills of our specialists and modern equipment, will make your wellness treatments useful and enjoyable!

carnival carousel, beskyd hotel
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Located on the territory of the hotel complex. As one of the classic attractions the carousel has existed for many years and is a wonderful “carnival” entertainment around the world.

children's room at the beskyd hotel
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Children’s room

For the youngest guests of our resort we have arranged a cozy children’s room, equipped with TV, telephone and video surveillance system – for the safety of children.

karaoke hall at the Beskyd hotel
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Karaoke hall

For your leisure the “Beskyd” hotel offers a karaoke hall, located in the “Kolyba” restaurant.

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Conference Hall

For important and large-scale meetings, conferences, celebrations we offer the services of conference hall, located in the the “Kolyba” restaurant. It is equipped with everything necessary for work and rest – lighting, sound equipment, air conditioning. The hall is designed for up to 70 guests.

Озеро форельное
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Trout Lake

You have an opportunity to catch the trout – and our chef will prepare it for you by a special recipe.

The cost of trout is according to the menu.

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Alcove With Barbecue

On the territory of our complex on the bank of mountain river Svicha there are two alcoves with barbecue and special furniture.

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Bath Complex

The firewood bath is a particularly healing, traditional type of SPA-treatment. From Greek language word “bath” translates not only “washing, cleansing”, but also “drive away pain, sadness”. Traditionally, the temperature in the bath reaches 90 degrees. Hot steam opens and cleanses the pores, stimulates the sebaceous glands, blood circulation, that promotes excess of fluid from the body, vigorous removal of toxins and excess of lactic acid – one of the main factors of fatigue.

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On the territory of the mineral resort “Beskyd” there are three restaurants – with unique atmosphere and cuisine that will satisfy all tastes.

бильярдная и курительная команты
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Billiards And Smoking Rooms

In the main building of the “Beskyd” resort there is a billiard room, where you can relax and chat with friends during the game. The interior of our billiard room is traditional: with the necessary level of lighting, ventilation, quality flooring and a luxury pool table. We offer guests of the “Beskyd” resort to use a set of billiards and play a few games or spend time playing chess or other board games.

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Tourist Routes

Myslivka village is located at the confluence of the rivers Ilnytsia and Svicha, at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level, near the section of the mountains Skolivsky Beskydy and Gorgany. In the north-west and east of the village the streams Yalovyi, Sapotiy, Sokoliv, Pyanky, Troyan originate. Historically, the village was originated in the place of settlement of German loggers in the second half of the 19th century and was seen on maps as Leopoldsdorf, the Polish name – Ludwikówka.

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Communication With Nature

Holidays in the Carpathians open a green fairy tale of mountain peaks. Ancient spruces, clear mountain rivers, transparent lakes, roaring waterfalls – all this is gathered for you by nature in one place. You will have a special vacation through untouched nature, pure mountain rivers, healing air and magical peaks.